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We are attorneys with trial-tested experience representing those seriously injured or killed through no fault of their own. We take fewer cases so we can focus more on you and your path to recovery. We have a unique understanding of the law and skills needed to succeed in personal injury, medical malpractice, and nursing home abuse and neglect claims. We build value by building relationships with our clients. We use years of experience trying complex cases to juries to achieve fair settlements out of court when possible and to obtain full and fair compensation in the courtroom when necessary.

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We handle a variety of injury-related cases in Richmond, VA

We dedicate ourselves to helping people seriously injured and the families of those killed by negligent drivers, healthcare providers, property owners, and corporations. We only pursue meritorious cases that are supported by the facts and the law. We limit our practice to serious cases because we do our best work when we know our clients. If we accept your case, you will have direct access to your attorneys.

Unlike many lawyers representing injured people and the families of those killed, we have significant jury trial experience that insurance companies respect. We will take your case to a jury if the insurance company is not willing to settle on fair terms considering the facts and the law.

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Rand Robins

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Rand Robins represents everyday people who have been seriously injured or killed by careless drivers, unsafe medical practices, and other dangers that could and should be avoided and prevented.

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Michael Lantz

Trial Attorney

Michael Lantz has over 30 years of experience in representing injured people and fighting for justice. His specialties include medical malpractice, automobile accident cases, nursing home negligence cases and premise liability cases.

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  • Mr. Robins, I want to personally thank you for your excellent professionalism in both of my cases. As you know 2017 was a horrible year for me. But the positive of it, I've learned + grown so much since then. Thank you, thank you, thank you. From my family to yours. Sincere appreciation!!

    The Adams Family
  • You are good people who get the job done. Thank you. I will get you over and over again. You know your job. And I love you for the good work you did.

    - E.F.
  • "Dear Attorney Robins, I thank you for taking the time to pursue my case for the car accident. The service was excellent. May you continue to fight for justice."

    - D.P.

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Why a Personal Injury Attorney in Richmond, VA, Will Not Take Your Case

It might discourage you if a Richmond personal injury attorney does not take your case. If someone rejects your case, no one can blame you for thinking that there is something wrong with it. However, don’t let a lawyer not taking your case dissuade you from pursuing your claim. The rules are pretty cut and dry: if someone else’s negligent actions injure you, they are liable for the associated damages. This fact remains unchanged regardless of whether a given attorney decides to take up your claim.  There Are Many Reasons to Not Take a Case If a lawyer rejects your claim, your claim might have a flaw. But there could be other reasons. Lawyers have to assess each claim that prospective clients bring them to determine whether to take it. The number of reasons lawyers have to accept or reject a given claim is practically infinite. Many of the reasons have little, if anything, to do with the quality of a claim. To figure out why your claim was rejected, your best option is to ask the lawyer. Barring that, however, consider a few of the many reasons why personal injury attorneys do not take certain claims to see what might apply to your case.  You Are Liable for the Injury This reason not to take a given case has everything to do with the quality of a claim. If a personal injury attorney looks into the facts and circumstances around a given claim and believes the claim has little or no chance of success in court, they will likely reject it. For example, a lawyer might reject your personal injury case because you are trying to hold someone else liable for an accident that you are at fault for.  Lawyers, particularly personal injury lawyers, are reluctant to take on losing cases. Many personal injury attorneys work on the basis of contingency fees. This means they only receive payment if they win or otherwise settle a case. Thus, if a case has a very limited chance of success, a personal injury lawyer who works on that case has a very limited chance of seeing payment. Law firms are businesses like any other; without revenue they cannot continue to operate successfully. There Was No Negligence or Intent Involved A person who causes someone else to injure themselves is not always liable for the relevant damages. In fact, there are four cumulative requirements to demonstrate civil liability in personal injury cases: A duty of care exists at the time of the incident; Someone breaches that relevant duty of care in the incident; There is a causal link between the breach of duty and subsequent injury; and The injury/incident leads to real damages. Essentially, the first two elements represent one concept as a whole: negligence or intent. Someone acts negligently when they fail to uphold a duty of care that they owe to someone else. A duty of care, for example, exists between all drivers on the road. All drivers have a duty of care to follow the rules of the road and avoid driving in an unsafe manner. Someone breaches that duty of care when they are careless or disobey traffic laws. Without negligence or intent, a personal injury case falls apart. Thus, if a lawyer listens to your story and determines that the at-fault party did not act negligently, they will likely reject your case.  They Have a Full Caseload If a Richmond personal injury lawyer will not take your case, they may have a full caseload already. Like other businesses that provide services, there is a limit to the amount of services law firms can provide. Each lawyer has a finite amount of time, so they cannot take every case that a client brings them. Having a full caseload may be the only reason a personal injury attorney in Richmond, VA, rejects your case. Your Damages Are Insufficient Some personal injury lawyers only take cases that involve damages that exceed a set number. If the estimated damages fall below that number, they will not take the case. Some personal injury attorneys use this practice to maximize profit, while others use it because their expertise lies with catastrophic injuries specifically. In addition, some lawyers will use this strategy to elevate their law firm’s reputation. By only taking big cases, these firms hope to differentiate themselves from others in the area by demonstrating their ability to litigate the biggest cases around. If the total damages in your personal injury case are below a certain amount, some personal injury attorneys will reject your claim. The Lawyer Has a Conflict of Interest Sometimes a personal injury lawyer will reject your claim due to a real or potential conflict of interest. A conflict of interest arises when someone has a vested interest in one outcome that conflicts with their vested interest in another outcome. The American Bar Association prohibits its members from allowing their own interests to adversely affect their representation of a given client. The best way for attorneys to avoid conflicts of interest is to avoid any situations with potential conflicts of interest. Thus, if you consult with a personal injury attorney and they foresee a potential conflict of interest, they might reject your case. Such a situation may arise, for example, if the attorney you consult with already has the responsible party as a client. It Is Too Late to File a Claim If you can no longer file a claim for your personal injury, any lawyer you consult with will likely reject your case. There is always a time limit to recover damages after a personal injury. Once the time limit, known as a statute of limitations, expires, you cannot legally file a claim to recover damages. If the claim goes to court, a judge will reject it.  The statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Virginia is two years. Thus, you have two years from the date of your personal injury to file a claim to recover damages. Virginia’s […]

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I Got Hit By a Car While Crossing the Street—Now What?

Getting hit by a car is every pedestrian’s worst nightmare. When a pedestrian is hit by a car, catastrophic injuries are not uncommon. When a collision occurs, the human body doesn’t stand a chance against the impact of a car. Everybody knows that if you get hit by a car while you are crossing the street in Virginia, the person driving the car owes you money for any injuries you suffer. After all, if you cross the street when allowed to do so, why should you pay for your injuries? You followed all the relevant traffic rules, so you have a legitimate expectation that you can cross the street without being struck by a vehicle. It is true that the person who hit you is typically responsible for compensating you for your injuries, but how do you make that happen? Our experienced Richmond, Virginia car accident lawyers will explain. For assistance, please contact our firm online or call (804) 404-7870 to set up a free consultation. If you have been hit by a car while crossing the street, here are the steps you should take immediately following the accident: Seek Medical Attention The first thing you should do if you get hit by a car while crossing the street is seek immediate medical attention. If your injuries are serious enough to warrant an emergency room visit, call an ambulance immediately. Otherwise, if you can safely walk away from the scene of the accident, you should seek a medical evaluation as soon as possible. Many injuries that pedestrians suffer after being hit by a car are obvious. However, internal injuries, which are often even more serious than external injuries, may not be visible to the naked eye. As a result, an evaluation from a medical provider after a pedestrian-vehicle collision can save the pedestrian’s life. Furthermore, seeking medical attention provides a basis on which you can seek compensation.  Track All Injury-Related Expenses After seeking medical attention, the next thing you should do is track all your expenses that are related to the injury. When you receive treatment for injuries, the only way you can get compensation is by keeping track of the resources you used to treat those injuries. To do so, you should make sure you have a copy of every medical bill you receive. Without tracking the bills, you have no proof of your injuries and subsequent treatment and, as a result, can’t get compensation. Medical bills are not the only expense you should track after a pedestrian accident in Virginia. If you miss work due to your injury, keep track of the wages you lose as a result. You may need therapy to work through the emotional trauma of the injury or your injury may require continuing treatment like physical therapy. Keep track of all those bills. They will serve as evidence of the damages you suffered as a result of the injury. Without them, you may jeopardize your claim. Retain the Services of a Virginia Injury Attorney After you have received the proper medical attention for your injuries and kept track of all expenses related to your injury, you should contact and retain the services of a personal injury attorney in your area. Without a lawyer, it may be impossible to recover the damages you suffered. Your attorney will listen to your side of the story, help you craft a legal strategy, file the claim on your behalf, and, generally, guide you through the claims process. There is no substitute for an experienced Richmond, Virginia pedestrian injury lawyer in this regard. Personal injury attorneys have the requisite experience and expertise to help you get the compensation you deserve without running into roadblocks along the way. Are You Ready to Call an Attorney? If you are looking for a Virginia personal injury attorney to help you after getting hit by a car while crossing the street, contact us online or call Lantz and Robins at (804) 404-7870 today! Our team of Virginia personal injury attorneys will help you with whatever you need. Whether you need to file a claim, track your expenses, or negotiate a settlement offer, the personal injury lawyers at Lantz and Robins will advocate on your behalf to fight for the compensation you deserve. If you want to know how we have helped our clients in the past, check out our testimonials and case results pages for more information. Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to call Lantz and Robbins for a free consultation!

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Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Virginia

If you are driving without insurance in Virginia (VA), you are playing Russian roulette. That is because driving without insurance in VA can lead to significant consequences. If you have been in a car accident and were without insurance, there are additional risks and considerations. The best way to address a driving without insurance case is for you to hire experienced Virginia attorneys with a long record of success. Virginia Motor Vehicle Law Regarding Insurance The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (VA DMV) mandates that to purchase license plates or decals (the first step to legalizing your motor vehicle), you must certify that you have at least minimum insurance coverage for the vehicle. Virginia requires the following minimum coverage: Bodily injury/death of one person $25,000, Bodily injury/death of two or more persons $50,000, and Property damage $20,000. The State of Virginia must also have authorized your insurance carrier to conduct business in this state. Is There Any Way to Legally Drive Without Insurance In Virginia? If you do not have insurance, you must pay a required uninsured motor vehicle fee. Paying the DMV this uninsured motor vehicle fee is the only option to legally operate a vehicle without insurance. Therefore, if you drive without insurance in VA and have not paid the uninsured motor vehicle fee, you are driving illegally. This is ill advised, as doing so puts you at great legal risk. What Is the Fine for Driving Without Insurance? Virginia Criminal Code and the VA DMV address consequences for the act of driving without insurance and not in compliance with the uninsured motorist rule. The potential outcome for violating the insurance laws include a fine of $500 or more and a Class 3 misdemeanor conviction. You may also face suspension of: Your driver license,  Vehicle registration certificates, and  Vehicle license plates. Driving without insurance after falsely certifying that you have insurance adds additional financial penalties. These fees often include: A $600 non-compliance fee, and A $145 reinstatement fee. You may also thereafter be required to file proof of insurance and financial responsibility for three years. What Happens If You Are Caught Driving Without Insurance and Get in an Accident? You may face the most significant cost for driving without insurance if you are in an accident. As an uninsured motorist, you may be personally liable for any costs to you or the other driver. This is true even if you have paid the uninsured motorist fee, as that fee does not provide you with any insurance coverage. Without question, you will need legal help from car accident attorneys to manage the complexities that can come from criminal sanctions and lawsuits you may face.  What If I Didn’t Know My Insurance Expired? It is not relevant whether you knew that your once-valid insurance expired. If you are operating a vehicle without insurance and have not paid the uninsured motorist fee, you violate the law. How Can an Attorney Help Me? Accomplished attorneys who handle traffic and accident cases understand that people make mistakes. They are available to help people address those mistakes by protecting their rights during hearings regarding driving without a license.  A fallacy is that you do not need a lawyer if you are going to admit to guilt. You will need lawyers to represent you during that process to ensure that the judicial system hears your voice and that you are treated fairly during the process. A firm specializing in traffic offenses will also help you understand any obligations you may face for violation of the law. Along with offering the above, our attorneys in Lantz and Robins, P.C., are equally committed to fighting charges on behalf of our clients. If you have been stopped by law enforcement and charged with driving without insurance, we will begin by investigating the actions of the police. There are rules they must follow to stop someone, and we will hear from you to evaluate whether they followed those rules. Finally, you need a lawyer who can work with the DMV and prosecutors regarding fighting your charges if there is evidence to do so. Being charged with driving without insurance does not mean that the charge is always valid. Attorneys know the law and will be prepared to ensure parties in our judicial system are not acting beyond their powers in their attempts to charge, prosecute, and sentence you. All too often, people feel that they know how to handle their traffic and insurance cases. However, the knowledge, experience, and successful case history of Lantz & Robins, PC, cannot be overstated. It is well worth your time to seek a free consultation with one of our lawyers. Lantz and Robins, P.C.: Your Richmond, VA-Based Car Accident Lawyers Our firm focuses on car and traffic accident cases. We have extensive experience handling cases involving vehicle insurance issues. We are a compassionate team of lawyers, and we never stop working toward delivering the best results for our clients. Lantz and Robins, P.C., is grateful to have clients happy with our services time and again provide strong testimonials on our behalf. Lantz and Robins, P.C., is a firm you can trust to handle your case correctly and provide you with personalized service.  With Lantz and Robins, P.C., you are more than a number, and skilled, dedicated attorneys handle your case. We are based in Richmond, Virginia, and our team of experienced trial attorneys is ready to help. For more information or to schedule your free consultation, please call 804-938-6393 or reach us via our website.

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