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W. Randolph Robins Jr.

Trial Attorney

Rand Robins represents everyday people who have been seriously injured or killed by careless drivers, unsafe medical practices, and other dangers that could and should be avoided and prevented. 

Too often in our country, people fail to consider the health and safety of others in their community.  As a result, innocent people get hurt and killed every day.  These are Mr. Robins’s clients. 

Mr. Robins uses extensive courtroom experience, years defending corporations and others who were accused of harming others, and a sharp sense of right and wrong to obtain full and fair compensation for his clients. 

The insurance companies that defend every case accepted by Mr. Robins and Mr. Lantz are not your friend.  They are out to minimize injuries, deflect responsibility, and make life even harder on people injured by their negligent clients. 

Mr. Robins knows how to overcome the defenses, often frivolous and manufactured,  that will be raised in nearly any case. 

Mr. Robins is an active member of organizations that advocate for safer transportation, healthcare, and consumer products. 

Mr. Robins only pursues medical negligence cases that are clearly meritorious and supported by the highest quality, unbiased experts, and medical literature. 

Medical mistakes claim thousands of American lives each year.  Mr. Robins believes that lawyers and healthcare providers have an obligation to correct these problems. 

Often, going to court is the only way to bring these issues into the light. 

One goal of any medical malpractice case is to improve medical care for everyone in the communities where Mr. Robins (and his family and yours) live and work. 

Americans have a constitutional right, enshrined in the 7th Amendment to the Bill of Rights, to a trial by jury.  No one who has been harmed or killed as the result of carelessness or putting profits above safety should feel ashamed or hesitate to exercise this constitutional right. 

Once he agrees to accept a case, Mr. Robins commits himself to his clients’ recovery. 

As someone who has been in a serious accident himself, he understands the stress and uncertainty that come with an unexpected challenge. 

Other Virginia lawyers recognize his commitment and courtroom skills by voting him a rising star in medical malpractice cases in Virginia Super Lawyers magazine after just two years in the field. 

Born and raised in Richmond, Mr. Robins graduated from the University of North Carolina and earned his law degree from the Washington College of Law at American University.  Mr. Robins is dedicated to mentoring middle and high school kids from tough backgrounds and is a board member of UP RVA, an organization that provides support to motivated young people seeking to better themselves through hard work and discipline. 

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